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We employ a four-phase approach to establishing and maintaining our relationships. We have a Conversation with you, we Assess your accounting records, we find the Right Solution and we Work Together.

4 Phases

Our Approach

The first phone call helps make  a preliminary determination if we are a good fit. we will then schedule a face to face meeting to further discuss your needs and goals, and our services. If we are both comfortable, we will proceed to the next step, The Assessment.

Based on our Conversation and Assessment we will prepare a proposal for services that will suit your needs. Our proposal will include a detailed list of services we will provide and the Fee we will charge you for providing these services. We strongly believe it is important for you to know, and agree to our prices before we begin our work. **

The Right Solution

This phase encompasses our ongoing relationship. we will build a strategic partnership that ensures we continue to meet the needs of your business and help you achieve your goals. Through Communication, Commitment and Cooperation we build a strong and long lasting relationship

Working Together

We will assess your current accounting records in detail and how they relate to your needs and goals, and the services we need to provide. We take all of the information we acquire during our Conversation and Assessment to find the next Phase, The Right Solution.

**Projects that arise outside the scope of our proposal are welcomed,  all special project will have their own proposal and agreed upon fee before the work begins

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